Bike-O is a fun bicycling adventure suitable for all.

You have three hours to ‘score’ as many points as you can. Simply visit the ‘controls’ and score points. Suitable for all bikes, road, hybrid, gravel or MTB. Think ‘Lanequest’ or ‘MTB-O’. Open to all. Bonus points for tandems and tag-alongs.

Simply, register your start, pick up a simple colour map, and off you go!

Your map has 20x controls – how many can you visit, what can you score? They’re easy to find, choosing which ones to go for and the route is up to you. Take it easy or race hard. Have fun and think about your route. Your time is fixed – three hours max – don’t be late back as penalties will apply.

Suitable for all abilities and different bikes – MTB ideal but road and touring bikes are OK. You can do well by being savvy; it’s not the fittest but smartest that wins. Family and pairs welcome … Solo legends will clear the course in an ‘FKT’ Fastest Known Time. Spot prizes for effort and endeavour.

Distance is irrelevant – fun paramount. An ideal ‘intro’ event or challenging for the most experienced.

Booking includes Free entry to the festival for Saturday & Sunday including the live music session on Saturday evening.

This event is run in association with:  Nav 4

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