Caving, also known as potholing, is the exploration of natural caves via various methods and is also an excellent way to explore geological formations such as stalagmites and stalactites. Within these often-vast systems, Cavers can often find naturally formed winding passageways, delicate cave formations, giant chambers and even waterfalls.

Cavers must utilise teamwork and effective communication to venture underground. Suitable for all skill levels, caving can be as challenging as you are prepared to make it as it can be a simple but explorative walk underground or an adventurous scramble. Our experienced instructors are there to support you at all levels and also help educate you about the caving environment as you explore.

Suitable for all ages, solos, pairs or families.

You can even book your child onto a caving trip whilst you take part in another activity of your choice.

Sessions Available:

  • Saturday 8am – 12pm £45 (£160 group of 4)
  • Saturday 1pm – 5pm £45 (£160 group of 4)
  • Sunday 10am – 4pm £65 (£240 group of 4)

Please note there may be up to 1 hour total travel time within the allocated time.

Booking includes free entry to the festival for Saturday & Sunday including the live music session on Saturday evening.

For more information on the Caving Experience, please contact us: