Climbing is an excellent activity for providing a fun personal challenge.

Climbers can choose the level of difficulty of a climb and climb as high as they want before being carefully lowered via ropes.

Outdoor climbing at a crag or natural rock formation often offers a more challenging environment than indoor climbing, which may seem daunting to some, however our highly qualified instructional staff are on hand to help provide support and training.

Alongside enhancing your problem-solving, judgement and resilience with climbing, you will also learn the complete ins-and-outs of climbing from identifying and safely using the relevant kit to tying knots and learning to belay.

With climbing, team skills and trust can be developed by involving the group in managing the rope, whilst the friends or colleagues climb.

Sessions Available

  • Saturday 8am – 12pm £45 (£160 group of 4)
  • Saturday 1pm – 5pm £45 (£160 group of 4)
  • Sunday 10am – 4pm £65 (£240 group of 4)

Please note there may be up to 1 hour total travel time within the allocated time.

Booking includes Free entry to the festival for Saturday & Sunday including the live music session on Saturday evening.

For more information on the Climbing Experience, please contact us: